Spring has finally arrived after a long winter. With sunnier days ahead, it’s time for a fresh start for everyone. One way to kick off spring on the right note is to think about the things to do to stay healthy and safe over the next few months. Here are a few senior wellness tips to keep in mind for spring.

Get Out in the Sun

Vitamin D is one of the things that seniors lack, partly due to age. Getting outside in the sun helps provide a dose of vitamin D. It helps to strengthen bones and may reduce risks for stroke and heart attack. Sun also helps with depression and insomnia. Remember to take appropriate action against sun exposure by wearing sunscreen and long sleeves.

Add Seasonal Foods to Your Diet and Hydrate

New foods are in season during spring including sweet potatoes, strawberries, peppers, and cucumbers. Eating seven to ten servings of vegetables each day can reduce the risk of diseases like heart disease and diabetes.

Hydration is another crucial part of wellness. It’s all too easy for seniors to become dehydrated due to diminished thirst perception. To help with this, consider purchasing a water bottle that has daily water intake markers on it to get the correct amount of water each day.

Conduct a Spring Safety Check

With all the time spent indoors this winter, spring is a good time to conduct a home safety check across different areas. Getting rid of clutter, particularly near pathways in the home, helps to avoid unnecessary falls. Make sure that all sinks and drains are in proper working order and that the water temperature is set so that it doesn’t scald. If you haven’t already, check your smoke detector’s batteries or switch to a 10 year-one.

Check your medication list and make sure it is up to date with all vitamins, supplements, and medications that you take. Get rid of any discontinued or expired medications.

Health and safety are crucial components of wellness for seniors. We hope you found these wellness tips helpful.

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