Part 1 of a 3 part Series

According to most surveys “aging in place,” growing old in one’s own home and remaining engaged in the community rather than moving to a retirement facility is by far the overwhelming preference of Americans over 50. In a 2005 survey by AARP, 89 percent of people age 50 and older said they would prefer to remain in their home indefinitely as they age. While this is our preference, doing so in a safe and healthy manner isn’t always so easy. As we age we often require additional help and support which may come from our families and friends. But what about those of us with no family nearby or those that have no support network? One option is to hire a caregiver from a home care agency to help attend to one’s daily needs. It’s what we do here at Optimal Senior Care Solutions. This is a viable option but is not always a complete solution. As with many aspects of our lives, technology is playing an important role in enabling people to age in place. This is the 1st in a series of articles.
Four Aging in Place Technology Categories include:

1. Communication Engagement: Email, Chat, Video, Smart phone, tablet
2. Safety and Security: PERS, Webcam, Fall Detection, Monitoring
3. Health and Wellness: Caregiving, Medication management, Disease Management, Fitness Trackers, Wearables
4. Learning and Contribution: Legacy, Volunteering, Education and Learning, Financial Wellness

Communication engagement is one area that is developing at a rapid rate. With the advent of smart phones, tablets and personal computers, it is now possible to go beyond a simple phone call. These technologies have revolutionized how we communicate and stay connected. They include applications which are transforming and expanding the use of these devices. But there are drawbacks. For many elderly, new technology may not be user friendly.

The grandPad®

Fortunately, there are new products on the market which address this issue. One such device is called the grandPad®. It has been specifically designed for seniors to provide a user interface that is simple and easy to read and understand. It provides a way for the user, their family and friends to communicate and stay connected in several ways to those who are aging in place. The grandPad® provides for voice and video calls as well as email, text messaging and voice emails. These applications are easily accessible and were designed with the senior in mind to minimize errors and reduce confusion. Some of the other features of the grandPad® include a music player, games, photographs and even a way to call for an UBER driver! For more information on this innovative device, visit or call 800-704-9412.