Technology is a centerpiece of daily life. This fact was only highlighted even more during the peak of the pandemic when technology helped everyone seniors, in particular, stay connected with loved ones. This post discusses how technology is affecting senior care.

A Growing Senior Population

Seniors are one of the fastest-growing segments of the US population. 90% of the senior population say they intend to remain in their homes for at least five to ten years because they liked their home and want to stay near friends and family. But there are barriers to overcome.

Barriers to Tech Adoption

Just because senior care companies are implementing technology does not necessarily mean staff will use it right away. Caregivers, for example, must have a good understanding of the technology.  They must be able to ask any questions that they have. Seniors also have a harder time adopting technology because it’s not always designed for them in mind. They should know how to use it if their doctor has prescribed it. They need time to adapt to it.

Care is Moving Into The Home

Receiving health care at home is becoming more popular. Many seniors feel comfortable staying at home rather than moving into an assisted living community. Health care providers are beginning to embrace this change by using telemedicine and devices to monitor health conditions at home. It does not replace in-person medical care. This can make healthcare more accessible for older people who have trouble getting to medical appointments due to lack of transportation or a disability.

Because health care at home is a growing trend, tech concierges are being hired in health care organizations to lessen the burden on staff members to help seniors learn how to use new technology and troubleshoot any tech problems. Senior care companies are also implementing tech questions as part of their onboarding processes to get a sense of how to personalize technology for them.

Technology may be a growing part of senior care. But it can’t replace the care and support provided by a caregiver. If you’re searching for a knowledgable and compassionate caregiver in Newport Beach, CA, reach out to Optimal Senior Care Solutions today at (949)-535-2211!