Technology is a vital tool in today’s world. As the COVID-19 pandemic continues, it’s helped to connect seniors and caregivers with much-needed services including health care through telehealth. This article explains what telehealth is, how it helps seniors, and when it might be useful instead of making a regular medical appointment.

What is Telehealth?

Telehealth refers to the different types of services that are available to seniors and caregivers to receive health care virtually. Telemedicine refers to the interaction that a patient has with a doctor, a specialist, or a nurse during a virtual visit.

How Telehealth Helps Seniors

Telehealth helps seniors by providing health care to seniors that have trouble leaving the house because they are homebound or may not otherwise be able to access care due to lack of transportation, a dedicated driver, or lack of a professional caregiver.

Telehealth uses video, audio, and instant messaging applications to connect seniors with their health care providers. Being able to connect virtually means that seniors won’t have to go to in-person visits as often. Family members and caregivers may also find it easier to attend virtual visits with loved ones or clients. This allows them to receive knowledge and insight about their loved one or client’s care directly from the source. By participating in telehealth seniors, families, and caregivers can:

  • Reduce unnecessary hospital visits
  • Keep the burden of travel and its costs down
  • Reduce stress on caregivers at home

Telehealth and Care Improvement

Telehealth technologies can help caregivers manage different conditions at home. These include:

  • Heart failure care- Managing diet, medications, activity levels
  • Chronic disease management-Assisting caregivers in reporting disease and health updates to healthcare providers. Caregivers can also use it to help stay on top of medications, mental and physical changes.
  • Primary care for frail clients- Some elderly people are frail and traveling back and forth to the doctor’s office is difficult, so telehealth can be used as a primary consultation method with healthcare providers.


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