Technology has allowed people to connect with each other quicker and easier than ever before. In the last decade or so, social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram have brought the world closer together. This post explains some benefits of social media for seniors.

Staying Connected with Social Media

Staying connected with friends and family as they age is difficult for many seniors. People move away and sometimes limitations may keep them from leaving the house. Social media allows seniors to connect with friends and family and to communicate with them. It doesn’t matter if they are on the other side of town or in another country. Seniors can share news, links, and messages with anyone they choose.

Bridging the Generation Gap

Social media helps to bridge the gap between older adults and younger people. Technology has a learning curve to it. Younger people help lessen that curve by showing how social media platforms work, how older loved ones can navigate their feed, and where to find viral videos to watch. It also provides seniors with a chance to bond with their younger family members over a shared interest.

Health Benefits

Studies conducted on the subject of technology and internet use have shown that people are less depressed and lonely when they have technology and the internet to turn to. Some studies suggest that using technology and the internet also helps to decrease feelings of loneliness and social isolation. An increase in these two things leads to poor physical health, but feeling less lonely and isolated promotes better physical health. Older adults have better mental health as well.

Learning Something New

Social media offers a wide range of content and information. This makes it easier for seniors to find information about their favorite hobbies and other interests. They can chat with friends and connect with colleagues or others who share the same interests.

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