Dementia Care in Laguna Woods

Dementia Care in Anaheim CALearning that a loved one has been diagnosed with the life-altering disorder dementia is not painless. Many people aren’t even aware of what dementia is, let alone how to handle or care for the person who has been diagnosed with it. Of course, we aren’t born with that knowledge, nor can be expected to know how to interact with a person who has dementia – but it’s consoling to know that these are all things that can be learned with the utmost of ease.

Here are 9 tips for interacting with a person with dementia:

1.      Understand the Condition

If you previously have never known anyone with dementia, it’s important that you do a good amount of research and educate yourself. Not only will you understand the condition, but you’ll have a clearer understanding of the behaviorism of people with dementia as well.

2.      Positive Vibes Only

It has been mentioned time and time again, that there should be nothing but positivity around someone who has dementia. This is because it doesn’t take a second for a person with dementia to completely freak out. Approach them only in a positive way.

3.      Add Steps to Activities

It can be rather difficult for someone with dementia to conduct full activities in one go, no matter how simple it is for you. Break down these things in a series of steps to make tasks easier.

4.      Remember the Old Times Together

A person who has dementia is often forgetful of things, such as where the bathroom is, etc. But their memory that dates back to ten years ago is going to be as strong as it was. Speak about the good old days to reinforce positive vibes since this will always bring a smile to their face.

5.      Be Patient

You should always be patient with someone who has the condition, because it might take them a long time to communicate their feelings or thoughts to you. Listen with your heart instead of ears and don’t rush them – even if you’re in a hurry.

6.      Establish a Positive Mood before Communicating

Set up a positive mood for the communication to take place so that they’re more serene and interact with you easily.

7.      Limit Distractions

Noisy environments are unsuitable for people with dementia. Cancel out or limit distractions as much as possible – especially if you’re trying to communicate with them. Otherwise, it’ll be a challenge for them to pay attention entirely to what you’re saying.

8.      Learn the Art of Redirecting

Sometimes, even an innocent conversation that you’re having might upset or agitate your loved one. This is when you must take control of the situation by distracting and redirecting their attention to something positive.

9.      Speak Softly Only

If you raise your voice or carry a harsh tone when speaking to a person with dementia, it is enough to aggravate them and make them break. Speak as softly as possible and carry the most positive tone.

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