The ability to drive and get around is important to seniors. But what happens when they cannot drive anymore due to a physical limitation or a medical condition? For seniors who don’t drive at all, accessing public transportation options or accessing other types of programs might be difficult without family or friends to help out. This post outlines some transportation options available to seniors.

Why Transportation for Seniors is Important

A National Health Aging Trends study found that 10.8 million people over the age of 65 don’t drive or seldom drive. 25% of these people were considered transportation disadvantaged for reasons such as having chronic medical conditions or using assistive devices. Without transportation options that they can access, seniors often become isolated.  They aren’t able to participate in daily activities or in their communities. This makes finding transportation options that seniors can access all that much more important.

Local Transportation Programs

Several local transportation programs exist in Newport Beach and Orange County that are intended to help seniors and people with disabilities. OC Access in Orange County offers shared curbside service and shared same-day service. To request service, seniors, or caregivers can call to request a ride. The pickup time may be one hour before or one hour after the requested pickup time. Scheduling trips in advance as much as possible may help due to limits on availability.

GoGo Grandparent and 123 Easy Rides help connect seniors with Uber rides. They can call to request one without using a smartphone. OASIS transportation helps Newport Beach Residents get to their appointments by setting up a ride during the workweek.

Transportation from a Caregiver

Hiring a companion caregiver has multiple benefits for seniors. They provide transportation to doctor’s appointments and for running errands. In addition, companion caregivers also provide stimulation and assistance. They participate in activities with clients and help them with tasks like taking care of a pet. A companion caregiver comes over a few hours each week, a perfect solution for a senior, who may not be ready for a caregiver.

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