Elderly Care in Tustin CA

Depression can be a scary condition for anyone, including elderly adults.  When elderly adults suffer from other chronic medical conditions like Alzheimer’s disease, diabetes, and Parkinson’s Elderly-Care-Tustin-CAdisease they may be at a higher risk for developing depression.  Other factors contribute to depression in the elderly, as well, such as losing a loved one, adjusting to retirement, and not being able to do activities they once enjoyed.  When a doctor diagnoses an elderly adult with depression, they will likely begin to outline a treatment plan.  It is very important that elderly adults follow through with treatment for their depression as it can get worse when left untreated.  In addition to some natural treatments such as counseling, diet changes, supplements, and/or exercise, doctors may prescribe antidepressant medications.  For elderly adults who have never used an antidepressant before, the idea of taking this type of medication can leave them feeling a little nervous or confused.  For this reason, it is important for elderly adults to learn more about antidepressant medications and other forms of treatment if they are facing depression.  Read on for some fast facts that elderly adults should know about antidepressants.

They Don’t Provide Instant Relief

When starting a new antidepressant, elderly adults may not feel relief right away.  In fact, most antidepressants take about 6-12 weeks to start becoming noticeably effective.  During this time, elderly adults may want to try to relieve their depression with other methods such as counseling, music therapy, or exercise.

They Are Not “One Size Fits All”

Unlike a medication such as acetaminophen or ibuprofen whose dosages are the same for pretty much all people of the same age group, antidepressants work differently in different people.  Some elderly adults may notice that they feel better when they only take a low dose, but others may need their doctor to give them a higher dose.  Similarly, not all types of antidepressants agree with everyone.  Often, this means that there will be a degree of experimentation for finding the right medication and dosage for each individual.  This can be a source of frustration for elderly adults which is why it is always a good idea to use natural depression remedies in conjunction with medication.

They are Not the Only Solution

For some, antidepressants may be the best treatment method for depression.  However, not all elderly adults will respond well to this type of medication.  For this reason, elderly adults should ask their doctors about alternative treatment options, such as psychotherapy, to see if any of these alternatives will serve them better.  What elderly adults should not do, however, is give up on treatment altogether if one treatment method isn’t working.

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