Robocalls are very prevalent. As technology continues to advance, it can be difficult to know what the difference between a real call and a robocall is. This is intentional and oftentimes seniors are targeted by these calls. Here some tips for what seniors and caregivers need to be aware of  regarding these robocalls.

What is a Robocall?

Robocalls are exactly what they sound like. They are calls that are placed to landlines and cell phones using automatic dial technology. Not all robocalls are bad. Public service announcements or emergency announcements are often made using the same type of technology. But robocalls that are meant to harass and scam people are the most prevalent.

Robocalls are preferred tools among scammers and con artists because they are easy to fool seniors with. All it takes is a call to a phone number that the person answers and the scammers can start getting to work. And they’re getting more prevalent all the time. In recent data collected, robocalls were up 58.6%

What Robocalls are Designed to Do

Scammers who use robocalls are attempting to get personal information out of their victims. This is often done using scare tactics that are intended to make victims go along with the scam. The calls rely on their victims’ naivety to fall for scams involving:

  • Social security
  • COVID-19
  • Tax errors
  • Interest rates

How Seniors Can Stay Safe

The best way for seniors to avoid getting targeted by scam calls is to exercise good judgment when answering the phone. Use Caller ID. Add it to an existing landline or turn on the feature in a smartphone. Don’t answer a number that is unrecognizable, unknown, or seems like your phone number except it’s off by one or two digits.

Never give out any personal information over the phone like your name, passwords, birthdate, or health insurance information. Avoid saying yes to anything or pressing any buttons if instructed when on the phone with an unfamiliar caller.

Another way to keep seniors safe in Newport Beach or Orange County, CA is to make sure that they have the personal care and support they need. Reach out to Optimum Senior Care Solutions to learn more about our care solutions today.