Senior Care in Irvine, CA

When polled about where they would like to spend the rest of their lives, the vast majority of seniors, overwhelmingly will say, in their own homes. While it is possible for people to age in place in their homes, for many it is not feasible due to increased needs for care and the associated costs. For these people (and their adult children and friends), placement into new housing can be a daunting experience. Relocating in and of itself is stressful for everyone, especially for the elderly.

Senior Placement Services

Fortunately there are companies who specialize in assisting those needing to find new housing. The premier senior placement company for this service in Orange County and throughout California is A Plan For Senior Care, founded by Chere Vought. I had the opportunity to meet with Chere and learn more about her company.

Chere spent many years in the senior placement industry helping families locate care and housing but it was not until she went through the process herself for her own family that she saw first hand how this service could be improved to better serve the families in need of help.

The majority of other companies in this industry are online agencies who spend a minimal amount of time with the client and will send out lists of possible communities that they have never personally visited. They also do not provide personal face to face follow up.   A Plan For Senior Care offers highly personalized service to their clients. They’ll guide the family through the whole process. They meet with the family and spend as much time as needed to get a plan together. And then they will take the family on tours and work to narrow their options and help them get their loved one ready to move into care. The service is at no cost to the family. They are paid by the community that the family chooses. Service is available any day of the week, anytime of day.

One family’s story

I asked Chere for an example of a client they helped. She recalled a family where the adult children lived outside the US. One lived in South America and the other in the UK. Their mother who lives here became ill and could not return to her home after a hospital stay. The senior was a hoarder and was letting homeless people sleep in her home. The home had a rat and rodent infestation. Adult Protective Services (APS) had been called. They deemed her home unsafe. APS then called Chere. She then spoke to the family and put them in touch with an attorney, a geriatric care manger, a realtor and a few others. She then placed the mom into assisted living from the hospital. The mom is now thriving and has a whole new life. The family still reaches out to Chere for being able to step in and put a plan together with resources to get their mom safe and into care.

Now that’s what I’d call QUALITY Personalized service!


A Plan For Senior Care

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