With winter approaching, it’s time to start thinking about how to keep seniors comfortable and safe during the winter. Here are some top tips that caregivers can use to help their senior clients in the winter.

Maintaining Skin Health

Skin can become dry in the wintertime. Many people like to use baby oil to moisturize skin. But baby oil and similar products can contain fragrances, mineral oil, and artificial ingredients. If your client has sensitive skin, these products may irritate it. A good alternative to baby oil and other products is to use an all-natural lotion or organic coconut oil. These products help soothe irritated skin and moisturize it. Eucerin lotion and other products in that same line also moisturizes and protects skin at the same time. O’Keefe’s Working Hands are effective in helping moisturize dry hands post-shower or bath too.

Temperature Tips

Homes, particularly older ones, get cold during the winter time. Since seniors get colder much easier than younger people, it’s important to find solutions to combat the cold. Put a small heater in the bathroom with a safety shut off to keep seniors warm during a bath or a shower.

To keep energy costs down and your older client warm, suggest installing a programmable thermostat. This can help heat the home automatically at an appropriate temperature without cranking up the heat. Another solution is to have your client use an electric heating pad or blanket to keep themselves warm. Make sure it has an auto-shutoff feature to avoid burns or other injuries.

Winterize the Home

Another way to improve warmth at home is to make sure your client’s home is ready for winter. Things you can do include:

  • Making sure the heater has been serviced before it gets too cold.
  • Check to make sure that the walkways, sidewalks, and driveways around the home are in good shape. If any branches look like they could fall, arrange for or suggest their removal before any storms hit.
  • Don’t forget to check the weather stripping around the windows and doors to check for drafts in the home.

If you’re searching for a caregiver to help keep your loved one safe and cared for this winter in Orange County and Newport Beach, CA, contact Optimal Senior Care Solutions. Our care team is happy to find a caregiver to assist your loved one.